How to Crochet the Plumage Stitch

Rows of purple crochet stitches that look like feathers

The stunning Plumage stitch creates rows of nested feathers (see what I did there?). I originally invented the stitch for the Feather Wrap Shawl, which feels like you’re being hugged by wings. The Plumage stitch starts with a foundation chain…

How to Crochet the Mini-C2C Stitch

a blanket made with the mini-C2C stitch, featuring a deer and a bear looking at a lake

Do you like the grid look of the C2C stitch, but the squares are too big for the project you want to make? The mini-C2C stitch comes to the rescue! The mini-C2C stitch uses half-double crochet (hdc) stitches instead of…

How to Crochet the Crab Stitch

A purple basket with a crab stitch border around the rim

Ever want to make a border that is a little fancier than a single crochet stitch, but not too complicated? The Crab Stitch, also known as Reverse Single Crochet, makes a simple, pretty border for lots of projects. I assume…

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