How to Crochet the Cane Stitch

Are you looking for a light and airy crochet stitch without large holes for your summer projects? You’re looking for the Cane Stitch!

The Cane Stitch consists of overlapping double-crochet-2-together (DC2TOG) stitches straddling a ch-1 space. The result is a lightweight, elastic fabric with lots of tiny holes. Rows and rows of this stitch looked like chair caning to me, so I called it the Cane Stitch. It’s easy to learn and works up quickly in a 1-row repeat.

The Cane Stitch is perfect for warm weather clothing and blankets. Give it a try!

Watch this video to learn how to crochet the cane stitch:

Put this stitch into practice with these patterns:

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