A New Way to Crochet the Catherine Wheel Stitch

Ready to crochet a cool stitch? The Catherine Wheel stitch is arguably one of the coolest!

The Catherine Wheel stitch is made by 2 mirror-image rows, one with valleys and the other with hills, so combined they look like wheels. The next 2 rows are offset, so the valley of the next row fits between the hills of the previous one, so the wheels are interlocking. For best results, alternate colors two rows at a time to highlight the interlocking stitches.

However, the usual way to make the stitch uses a lot of chains, which leaves large, awkward gaps. These gaps break up the circle motif of the Catherine Wheel stitch. The gaps are also problematic for items like bags where you don’t want large holes in the fabric. In the video below, I’ll show you how to make a cleaner Catherine Wheel stitch without the gaps.

Fun fact: The Catherine Wheel stitch is named after the torture execution device from the Middle Ages that broke when St. Catherine touched it. Why would someone use that as inspiration to name such a beautiful stitch?

Watch this video to learn how to crochet the Catherine Wheel stitch (without gaps):

Put this stitch into practice with these patterns:

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