How to Do the Double-Post Double Crochet Stitch

Do you enjoy making crochet cables, but hate how messy it looks on the back? Let me introduce you to your new favorite stitch: the Double-Post Double Crochet.

Usually when you do front-post double crochet along with back-post double crochet, the cables you create are only on one side of the piece you’re working on. The front looks nice, but the back looks like this:

Back side of crochet cable stitches
Back side of crochet cables

The resulting boring mess is fine if you’re making a sweater or something that you’ll only see one side of. But what about blankets, shawls, or other items that will be seen on both sides? That’s where you’ll want to use the Double-Post Double Crochet, abbreviated dpdc, instead.

What is the Double-Post Double Crochet stitch? It combines a front-post double crochet and back-post double crochet together in one stitch. That way, you end up with cables on both sides of your piece.

Watch this video if you’d like to learn how to do the dpdc stitch:

Put this stitch into action with the following patterns:

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